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After reading the Colin Kaepernick article I picked up the following key terms:



National Anthem

President Trump/Politics



NFL football players

Social justice









Through reading the article I was able to understand that Kaepernick was nothing like people thought he was. People described him as not being able to play anymore. However, he was “…big, athletic…” and also “…finished 17th in the NFL passer rating and 23rd in ESPN’s Total Quarterback Rating.” In addition to those stats, he was recovering from several surgeries at the time and still ranked in the top 20, wonder how he is now that he is back to his normal physical abilities. People stated that football was not his priority. Although, according to his former coach, Jim Harbaugh,Kaepernick was very decidiated to the sport. In the article he included that,“Every day his car would be the first one in the parking lot,” and included that “He’d be studying film and he’d be working out in the morning…” People even had the nerve to say he was a distraction to his teammates. Bihh Where???? Kaepernick was not a distraction to his teammates at all. He even told his teammates and team leaders, at the time, his position and why he was committing such actions.

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