1. The woman eyes are fixed on an object; possibly a tv or person
  2. She looks as if she works at a cafe due to the coffee mugs behind her and “Good Coffee Cheaper than prozac” sign.
  3. The cafe seems relaxing and soothing as for they have several artifacts making a persons experience not very common.
  4. They have a “rate schedule” and sign that says “This Is Not Burger King” in the background expressing their sense of self-personalization.
  5. The cafe seems to be in a safe condition as far as food due to them having an 89 food inspection score.
  6. The cafe takes major credit cards like Visa, Discover, and MasterCard.
  7. They seem to have a sense of humor regarding their coffee holder stating “Ashes of Problem Customers” and also with the coffee sign that states, “Cheaper than prozac”
  8. They cafe is really passionate about expressions with the various “nick-nacks” around it like the “Though shalt be badass” sticker on the styrofoam cup dispenser.
  9. The cafe has some form of computer, telephone or even cash register as for their is a cable wall-protector against the way.

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