Final Assignment

Option: PAGE on the website or paper
Paper: MLA format, all general standards for a paper, Citations, two-pages,
Page: Links, Sources, 500 words

Your writing should explore the following questions:

  • How has your understanding of the topic changed? Need evidence to establish this is true; show how to get from “point A” to “point B”
  • How has your perception of the people involved in the controversy changed?
  • What do you think is the right position in regards to the controversy and why? Has your position changed from the beginning? Why or why not? To what degree?
  • What have you learned about arguments and facts through this process? And what advice do you give others about taking positions and entering into arguments?

What I’m achieving for:

  • (A range)  Focused, multimodal, insightful. Writer deeply considers their experience throughout the semester and makes strong case for the position they take. Writing is clear, compelling, demonstrates growth in clarity of expression. Writing demonstrates a deep understanding of the issue.

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