Many students at Georgia State University who received the HOPE scholarship received an original amount of $6,000+, however, this sum later increased to $7,200. Many students, especially freshman, did not realize that this meant a rise in tuition. In addition to having a high HOPE scholarship award many students did not know how to correctly read and understand their eBill and Financial Aid. Many students did not know how check their eBill. The students balance would display a drastically low amount, like $4,000+, students would this this was their tuition, little did they know it was their tuition with their financial aid already taken out of it. Furthermore, students did not know that their financial aid split in half for both semesters, including loans, so students could have financial aid equal to roughly $8,000, but really only would receive $4,000 in the Fall and same amount in Spring. With such confusion many students felt victim to not having enough money to pay, and had to either dropout of certain classes,housing, or the university itself.

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