• By watching Crap Detection I Learned:
    • How to differentiate information from being accurate or inaccurate.
    • Skills and Literacy are both related and important to training
    • Five Important Literacy
    • All need to work together in order for literacy to be efficient.
    • Children need to be educated on how to question things regardless of the topic; especially if it’s online
    • W need to teach people how to understand and evaluate the credibility of things they find online and it has has benefits:
      • Internal Benefit: Allows people to properly search and evaluate the credibility of things. The better they are at this they more successful they will be.
    • Two questions to consider when looking into things online:
      • How can you pluck the answer to any question out of the air?
      • How do you know that what you find is accurate?
    • Help friends build social networks

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